Wellbeing Awareness

This 90 minute introductory course can be delivered at Senior Management or Employee level, online or face-to-face, to help understand what Wellbeing is and why it has become so important. It is often combined with our Mental Health Awareness course into a half day training event.

Part of succesful Wellbeing implementation is knowing the people involved, which is why this course is delivered live, not recorded. In doing so we can learn about your existing knowledge, policies and experiences. It also allows us recap existing policies and procedures of your organisation and give pointers for who to go to within the organisation with any queries.

Wellbeing is so much more than simple physical and mental health. It is more than providing a safer and fairer environment. It includes empowering people to make positive choices and supporting their professional and personal development. Once we can recognise Wellbeing we can then look at how it fits into every tier of our workplace and how it needs to be holistically embraced to create a happier, more productive workforce.

We will look at the cost, to both a person and a business, of poor Wellbeing and contrast it with the financial benefits. Although we will cover what HAS to be done under Employment law we believe that once attendees fully appreciate the full benefits of proper Wellbeing they will be keen to learn the many techniques for integrating it into their organisation. From workplace design to retirement planning. From book clubs to fair pay. From healthy eating to flexible working.

Your Wellbeing journey starts here.