Stress Awareness

This 90 minute introductory course can be delivered at Employee level or to Senior Management, online or face-to-face(capped at 10 places per session at Senior Manager level). In it we cover a broad range of topics related to Workplace Stress. 

17.9 million working days were lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2019/20 (source: hse). The full effect of the COVID pandemic on work-related stress has yet to be assessed but being able to identify and mitigate its effects has become key to healthy working environments.

In this training not only do we cover the definition of stress and learn how to spot its physical and behavioural signs, we explore the topic in much more depth. We cover the chemical and biological reaction to stress hormone release, how workplace activities can cause stress and even how stress can sometimes be good for us.

Depending on the level the course is delivered at we also cover where to go for help in your organisation and how to talk to colleagues who are suffering from stress. When delivered to Managers and Directors we look more deeply into how to capture stress related data and monitor the workplace. This teaches us how to anticipate and pre-empt workplace stress. Finally we look at and what you can do to reduce stress in the workplace, whether for yourself or your team.