Mental Health Awareness

This 90 minute introductory course can be delivered at Senior Management or Employee level, online or face-to-face, to train people in the basics of potential Mental Health issues, both in others and themselves. It is often combined with our Wellbeing Awareness course into a half day training event.

No one could deny that Mental Health has been subject to a great deal of media coverage since the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside greater societal acceptance of the subject matter this has put the need for Mental Health Awareness training amongst the top priorities for many organisations. Even before the pandemic one in four people in the UK would have suffered a Mental Health issue at some point.

The three most common mental health issues in the workplace are Depression, Anxiety and Stress. With these as our starting points we guide attendees through spotting signs of problems forming, the language needed for healthy discussion and what we can all do to help our mental health.

Depending on the level the course is being delivered at we can take you through the legal requirements on your organisation or provide attendees information on where to go to if they need further help or assistance. As the course is tailored to your organisation there may be specific areas that we cover, such as social isolation from remote working or anxiety about site visits.

The skills and knowledge we discuss in the course can then be developed in our Starting The Converstation training for those wanting to know how to better help others.