Introduction to Yourselves

Learn the language of the five elements and how they have always described personalities and interactions.

Traditional Chinese Medicine holds that each person’s personality can be described as a combination of five elements; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each element has a variety of traits, including how it repsonds to stress. Each person is a combination of all five but there is usually a “primary” element or characteristic. Emma guides attendees through what these elements typify, using examples and interactions. She will demonstrate the differences between how we perceive our “mix” and how others do.

What happens next is an exploration of how the different elements interact. Why do Primary Wood personalities get so snappy with creatives? Why do Water types get exhausted by Fire types? How can a Metal get a Water follow their procedures?

From there Emma will teach your team some of the techniques they can use to talk to each other in a way that gets their intention across clearly without creating tension. It is has proven to be a good natured experience which not only increases a teams effectiveness and understanding but allows teams a common laguage as they grow and encounter new challenges.