Mental Health and Wellbeing Services

In 1948 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined health as “… a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”.

In the decades since that definition, workplaces throughout the world have taken various steps to ‘look after’ their employees.  These steps have been mostly driven by existing cultures, there has not been a legislative drive to enforce wellbeing in the workplace.

The topic of ‘Wellbeing’ covers a large range of issues that affect the physical, psychological, emotional, social, spiritual and sexual health of employees in addition to their environmental and the societal health. Here in the U.K., Wellbeing incorporates Health & Safety and Employment (HR) Law as well as having stand alone areas. 

ACS has long had a passion for wellbeing and mental health issues.  We have been helping clients with Mental Health issues since 2015, working with employers, staff and individuals  to enhance their understanding of wellbeing issues, enabling individuals to take control over their own lives, ambitions, career and life paths. 

In recognition of the increasing number of client requests over recent years, ACS has developed a suite of training courses (during these Covid times we are only offering online courses) as well as a range of consultancy support services including management reviews and policy development.  ACS can also assist organisations in developing and then implementing comprehensive Wellbeing Management Systems.  Courses, policies and procedures are adapted for different organisations to take into consideration different existing practices, different cultures and differing goals of the individuals involved within that organisation. 

Training courses currently offered include:

Wellbeing awareness 
What is wellbeing? Why is it important? This course explains the benefits to your staff, your organisation and to wider society. It covers what both best practice and legal requirements.

Mental Health Awareness 
What are the common mental healthissues in the workplace? Why do all staff need to be aware of this topic? this course looks at why employers need to have awareness about the topic and what methods can you use to improve mental health in the workplace.

Starting The Conversation 
Aimed at anyone who may be amanging people. This course teaches how to start a conversation with a member of staff who may be struggling with mental health problems as well as what to say if a mental health issue crops up in conversation with colleagues or staff.

Stress Awareness 
What constitues workplace stress? This course answers this question and explains why we need stress responses, how stress in the workplace has changed over the last few decades and why do all staff need to be aware of the effects of stress. It provides individual with methods to use to avoid the stress loop.